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Fog and Nature


It’s true that our mission at Spacex is to help people feel at home on a bean bags they love - but this is just a small part of a bigger picture.

Climate change is a very real concern for everyone who lives on this planet and, as a responsible retailer, we’re dedicated to taking every possible step to reduce the environmental impact of our business.

We pledge to regenerate resources, all whilst continuing to help you feel at home.

 This planet is home to all of us
Recycled Paper

Every order plants a tree

We will plant a tree for every order we receive. There is increasingly more evidence that planting trees is one of the most effective ways to combat the effect of climate change.

Plan tree can help us to make real difference to restore our native woodlands and protect wildlife habitats.



Sunset in the Forest

Why Spacex loves trees

Trees remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, combating the impact of climate change.


The life cycle of a tree

Every little seed contains everything it needs to survive until it finds a safe place to grow. In nature, seeds can be transported by wind, water or animals, which scatter them into places that have the right conditions to help them grow.

When a seed reaches a safe spot, a root will break through the surface and secure the seed into the ground. This first root will also help the seed to take in water as it starts to grow.

Next, the shoot will emerge and push up through the soil. Once the shoot is above the ground it becomes a seedling.

The seedling will continue to grow and grow - becoming a sapling once it becomes more than 3 feet tall. It will remain a sapling until it shows the signs of being a mature tree and produces flowers or fruits.

Different species of trees are mature for different lengths of time.

In the final stages of its life, a tree is called a snag.

These dead or dying trees are incredibly valuable to our wildlife as insects and fungi take up home in the wood, providing a food source for birds and small mammals.

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